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MPC-HC: A Familiar Interface

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Have you ever wished using a media player that will give you a familiar feeling? A media player that gives you a feeling like you have been using it for ages? If so, maybe it’s a high time to try using Media Player Classic Home Cinema or MPC-HC? This software is licensed under GNU GPLV3 and is said to be open source and free to download. Other users can even improve its composition. Why MPC-HC does have a familiar feeling or interface? Simple, it is very user friendly giving almost all its users a feeling of familiarity every use. No complicated steps to undergo. The truth is, because of its too simple interface, this media player does not really come with a very attractive interface as compared to other media players. However, it comes with a practical style/interface that is almost the same as that of Microsoft Windows Media Player.

What about functionalities? Will Media Player Classic Home Cinema be very simple in terms of functions? What’s good about this media player is that it’s the complete opposite when it comes to functions. Believe it or not, there are more than 2 dozens of supported files MPC-HC can handle, for both audio and video formats. What’s even better is it allows user to have a chance to configure what default format it will use upon launching the media player.

Where else can you get a media player that gives not only familiarity but as well as freedom? If you think MPC-HC is too soft for you, think again. The truth is, this media player comes with advanced features too. In fact, it allows the use of FFMPEG which is for advanced users. This is an external decoder to arrange or edit a complicated setting for video playback, flipping, and a lot more of advanced functions.

So despite its very simple look, do not undermine MPC-HC as you can be surprised of its hidden features. The aspect ratio of this media player can be varying. In other words, MPC-HC also provides user a freedom to choose what aspect ratio they want that will correctly match to the users’ playback device. That’s not more; MPC-HC allows the use of Pan and Scan feature where users can simply do some video cropping so that the video will fit the users screen appropriately. Perfect isn’t it? So download MPC-HC now and experience the familiarity you long for in a media player. Nothing could get better than using MPC-HC, simple look, advanced features in a user friendly lay out and above all, and it comes for free! Where else can you find this kind of software for free? Download now and tell your friends about it.


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We have heard a lot of positive attributes of Media Player Classic and with the existence of Media Player Classic Home Cinema; media player users are going crazy over which media player to use. However, another version has emerged which brings chaos to users, the MPC-BE. This free and open source media player is said to be based from its original project, the Media Player Classic. Among the two media players derived from MPC project, which do you think stands out? Is it MPC-HC or MPC-BE?

Experts believed that MPC-BE is way better than MPC-HC mainly because it is an enhanced version of MPC-HC. It is said that this version comes with an improved and a lot of bug fixes that were found in its old version of MPC-HC. If you download MPC-BE, you are guaranteed that it supports different file formats such as the AVI format, the MKV, MP4, MPG, FLV, VOB, and the RM/RMVB. In terms of compatibility, this version works perfectly fine with Microsoft Windows platforms such as the Windows XP, the Windows 7 and Windows Vista. What’s good about this media player is it can open local files right on its main window. If you are into Internet streaming, fret not for MPC-BE download is capable of video and music streaming online. With its basic and common functions, it surely gives user a familiar feeling. Basic functions such as the use of play, stop, and pause. In addition, users can also do full screen mode, zoom, jump to, filters, mute the volume or increase and decrease it, and use the shader function.

What about MPC-HC? Well, users love the fact that this media player is capable of rendering video playback. When installing this program, it won’t require too much complicated tasks and steps. Unlike MPC-BE, this media player opens a window in a drop down option or format. This media player also supports different file formats and works great on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems like the Windows 7 and 8, the Windows Vista, and the Windows XP. Between these 2 media players, some prefer to use MPC-BE while others are already comfortable using the MPC-HC. Although it is undeniable that MPC-BE is more improved and comes with good amount of fixes, still there are users worldwide who thinks MPC-HC is way simpler and nicer to use.

If you haven’t downloaded any versions of these media players, we suggest downloading both and seeing whether they really have a big difference or none at all. Feature wise, MPC-BE has been fine tuned thus giving it an edge over MPC-HC. Experts claimed that this program can provide ease and comfort when playing videos and can even allow certain adjustments to provide an even enhanced user experience. However, if you’re looking for a media player that will give you not only an enhanced user experience but familiarity and control over everything, then it’s not a bad idea to download MPC-HC too.

Media Player Classic: Simple Multimedia Software

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Simplicity, always had something good to offer you, just like Media Player Classic. This multimedia application is an ideal model that simple is powerful. By default MPC is simple, even on its promotion. It has basic logo of artistry to symbolize the entire system of the software. Likewise, it uses the ideal font to label each application on the menu. It has clear and visible approach to open each tab in an accessible manner. It allows you to see results in just a click. Similarly, it holds universal multimedia keypad that you can automatically snap to play, adjust and customize your desired settings.

Media Player Classic was built from the most refine graphic user interface; even enhance it better with the use of a powerful plugin. Moreover, the great favor that this simple multimedia application has offered you is its humble initiative to license and publish the software free for everyone’s delight. There’s no more complex requirements to settle, just feel free to download Media Player Classic simple multimedia software today.

Media Player Classic has truly maintained its objective to maximize its simplicity in all aspect just to give you comfort and pleasure that you deserve. You can practically keep this multimedia program immediately. It has convenient file size suited for almost all types of data processor and with the consistent support from your universal Operating System, Microsoft Windows. It can also deliver great output even with older types of hardware. Also, it can independently promote all its features after you launch it to your computer. It is perfect for the first time user who wanted to delight themselves with the simplicity of the software. All the latest in multimedia such as films, music, data and images is available for free on MPC. You can be sure that you have the most consistent display and result each time you execute your files. MPC has stable support from the finest formats, codecs, containers and other multimedia elements that you wish your media player should have.

Try to conceive of extraordinary ideas that you can hold in this media player, it may be simple in nature but you can count on its broad range of efficiency. Make it possible, pursue short and simple steps to download free Media Player Classic download. Media Player Classic is the simplest, modern media player you could conceive of and that is certain. Countless of this software download from around the world is just one proof about the title. Utilizing it every day to tone up the conclusion that MPC is the smartest choice for a multimedia program application. You can be sure that you can easily catch the software, even if it’s your first time to hold your free Media Player Classic download.

Media Player Classic: Boundless Multimedia Software

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Everyone is privileged to enjoy a media player that has no limits called Media Player Classic. MPC or Media Player Classic is lightweight multimedia software fitted on your little memory space, yet it is complete with essential tools for your total satisfaction. This versatile media player can perform tasks beyond your expectations. It is may comes in tiny executable file but it can deliver wide and perfect. It is best in handling almost all types of media files including those who are uncommonly recognized formats. It can instantly recognize and integrate new codecs, packages and many more elements on the system. When you download Media Player Classic boundless multimedia software, you’ll surely experience never ending fun and entertainment.

With Media Player Classic, you are given a chance not just to save and play your favorite movies, sounds, music, pictures and other media files. This multimedia application also guarantees that options will be your limits and imagination is your boundaries. It also allows you to edit, record, convert, decode, filter, intensify and perform unlimited tasks with your personal choice. It can even establish direct interaction with another peripherals and physical media. MPC is not delicate software too. It has even low system requirements which are compatible even with older types of hardware. From the beginning, up until you get satisfied with the commands of the media player, you are given an opportunity to explore and take advantage of the expertise of the media player. Grab it now; download free Media Player Classic boundless multimedia software.

Listening to music, watching latest movies and videos, displaying the clearest pictures are just few of the amazing features of Media Player Classic. It has also on time updates and made up with various versions to ensure that all users go with the finest and latest techniques in a media player. Media Player Classic also lets you to enjoy the benefit of a media center right from your own computer. If you’re looking for clear picture and lively sounds then don’t go somewhere else, simply discover and navigate your copy of MPC.

This multimedia software has bounty of customizable and configurable features and qualities that can be maneuvered in as little editing steps possible. It has also the best and stable interfaces which help to provide you the most user friendly tools and accurate graphics. These are all extraordinary qualities of software, there’s more that are waiting for you, enjoy your free Media Player Classic boundless multimedia software download.

Media Player Classic: The Practical Multimedia Application

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When it comes to practically, Media Player Classic can be listed on top. This media player has everything you need for total media player solutions. It can even satisfy your fancy and demands too. It is equally great with audio and video performances. It also excels with other support and functionalities. If you’re in need of a media player that is active and effective, then you can’t go wrong with MPC. This media player is suited for everyone. It has light interfaces that can match all types of users. It has simple guides and principles that can be controlled in an instant or without any manual or expert’s help. Media Player Classic ensures that it has balance in all aspects. This media player software sees to it that comfort and convenience will always be on top of priorities. The applications are labelled carefully for fast and effective access. It has also very minimal weight that can practically fit in on your system.

It doesn’t ask for any requirements that are not obtainable whether it is system compatibility or enhancement of functionalities. Above all, you can have it for free. You can settle with this media player anytime you want because it has free licenses, which are very practical compare to those expensively license media player that has equal or less qualities than MPC. It also doesn’t ask for any registration or permit online in order to take advantage of the free download. MPC only promote pure transparency and direct access when you download Media Player Classic the practical multimedia application. Having Media Player Classic on your system, means a big invest that you could endlessly own for free.

With MPC you can play, record, edit, enhance and compress various types of media files and format. Regardless of the extent of this multimedia software you can always enjoy its practicality. It is not also a demanding media player. It doesn’t need additional program to smoothly run every piece of the commands, which is practically a big savings in terms of money, effort, time and resources. If you’ll get a media player, you need to ensure that it is an all around solution just like Media Player Classic. Another practical approach that is highly noticeable with Media Player Classic is the simplicity of the tools.

It has short and easy description, even made from light scripts and programming language but was carefully assembled to produce total impact and clean output. It has also new and latest versions but still retains the classic touches and added with modern designs. This is your chance to be well equipped with balance media player, download free Media Player Classic the practical multimedia application. Being practical means you maximize the value of your money and the quality of the software. However with Media Player Classic you have fully maximized all its quality and features without spending a single centavo. You are given a chance to explore and maneuver the media player without worries and limits. Get your free Media Player Classic the practical multimedia application download.

MPC Your Media Player Expert

👤 🕔 March 24, 2014 0

There’s one media player that knows your entire media player demands, Media player classic. MPC or Media player classic is an expert when it comes to multimedia handling. It knows all your needs and wants that is why it ensures that it has complete functions and features, that you can immediately manipulate everywhere you are. You can always consult Media player classic, each time you have concern on any of your audio, video, image and other media formats. Your expert will surely have the best solution to you in the most accurate manner. It has stable commands and quality applications that can fix your multimedia preferences. It also leads you to the best option wherein you can enjoy your music and videos totally. MPC also guarantee that it can display pictures in the clearest way. It helps you to configure audio loud and crisp.

This software even allows you to add lots of configurable qualities to make your files more realistic and attractive. It also ensures that it can be manipulated by everyone, particularly with first time users. MPC is a simple media player, yet its expertise in the field is exceptional and can go even further, which you can enjoy when you download MPC your media player expert. Media player classic has ample of techniques to offer. It never fails to provide upgraded and prominent features to all its users. MPC is assembled in ways that can instantly established connections to everyone. Having your own version of MPC makes you contented to all your media needs. Playing, recording, editing and refining of media files are always possible. Making the software more interactive is also manageable.

Doing multiple playbacks, streaming and displaying concise subtitles are just some of the tasks that can be provided expertly with MPC. Looking for definite files can be achieved in a matter of few searches because everything can be arranged neatly and can be labeled personally. Finding exact formats to match your files is always attainable with Media player classic because it supports built-in codecs, filters, containers, packages even external devices. Recording of programs is achievable too, directly performing it from compatible TV tuners makes it more fun. Furthermore, MPC comes in various versions in order to meet the needs of everyone.

It is consists of upgraded and several new versions to add more choices to the growing wants of users. This multimedia software is also very portable and can be installed immediately to your handy gadgets such as mobile phones. You too can bring it everywhere; download free MPC your media player expert. Having a multimedia specialist makes you to enjoy your media files to the fullest. It helps you to produce the most realistic videos and intensified audios. It also allows you to manage all your files in the most organized list. Also, it enables you to search and add as much files as you want, yet it can be recognized by the system and plays it clearly. It guides you to download and install your own copy without any fees. You simply have to follow it properly to get your free MPC your media player expert download.