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Classic Media Player – Simply The Best MPC ensures that it provide everything according to your needs.

Click to Download Media Player Classic Free Today. Our Website Offers free software for Download published under the Terms and Conditions of GNU General Public License (GPL). During The installation, additional software recommendations may be made available from third party. These recommendations are solely dependent on the discretion of each user and he/she is allowed to choose freely whether to accept them or not.

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema Software Handles Various Format

DVD Player Software


This resilient DVD player software can be everything you want it to be either as a media player, video recorder, streamer, file organizer, decoder, DVD player software and many more functions that you’ll surely enjoy. It is made up of genuine applications that produce distinct qualities and functionalities. It also supports and handles variety of formats needed to run the software efficiently and according to user’s preference.

Another is that it can quickly recognize codec’s and containers that can completely perform detailed tasks which can produced accurate audio, video and data output. It even support other physical media formats which includes DVD, VCD and Super Video Compact Disc SVCD and Blu ray DVD’s that can play stable media files excellently. When you take your chance to have this free DVD player software you’ll surely experience the extraordinary performances of these formats.

DVD Player Software

Another is that it has properly grouped all these formats and codec’s depending on their functions such as DTS, 3GP, MP2, LPCM, AC3 which are highly qualified to support clear and loud audio. It has also MPEG-2, H.264, flash video, MPEG-4 that is capable to create realistic video and can perform multiple speed playbacks. Furthermore, it has also high grade filters are also added to enhance decoding process.

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