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MPC-HC: A Familiar Interface

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

Have you ever wished using a media player that will give you a familiar feeling? A media player that gives you a feeling like you have been using it for ages? If so, maybe it’s a high time to try using Media Player Classic Home Cinema or MPC-HC? This software is licensed under GNU GPLV3 and is said to be open source and free to download. Other users can even improve its composition. Why MPC-HC does have a familiar feeling or interface? Simple, it is very user friendly giving almost all its users a feeling of familiarity every use. No complicated steps to undergo. The truth is, because of its too simple interface, this media player does not really come with a very attractive interface as compared to other media players. However, it comes with a practical style/interface that is almost the same as that of Microsoft Windows Media Player.

What about functionalities? Will Media Player Classic Home Cinema be very simple in terms of functions? What’s good about this media player is that it’s the complete opposite when it comes to functions. Believe it or not, there are more than 2 dozens of supported files MPC-HC can handle, for both audio and video formats. What’s even better is it allows user to have a chance to configure what default format it will use upon launching the media player.

Where else can you get a media player that gives not only familiarity but as well as freedom? If you think MPC-HC is too soft for you, think again. The truth is, this media player comes with advanced features too. In fact, it allows the use of FFMPEG which is for advanced users. This is an external decoder to arrange or edit a complicated setting for video playback, flipping, and a lot more of advanced functions.

So despite its very simple look, do not undermine MPC-HC as you can be surprised of its hidden features. The aspect ratio of this media player can be varying. In other words, MPC-HC also provides user a freedom to choose what aspect ratio they want that will correctly match to the users’ playback device. That’s not more; MPC-HC allows the use of Pan and Scan feature where users can simply do some video cropping so that the video will fit the users screen appropriately. Perfect isn’t it? So download MPC-HC now and experience the familiarity you long for in a media player. Nothing could get better than using MPC-HC, simple look, advanced features in a user friendly lay out and above all, and it comes for free! Where else can you find this kind of software for free? Download now and tell your friends about it.

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