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👤 🕔 July 15, 2014 0

We have heard a lot of positive attributes of Media Player Classic and with the existence of Media Player Classic Home Cinema; media player users are going crazy over which media player to use. However, another version has emerged which brings chaos to users, the MPC-BE. This free and open source media player is said to be based from its original project, the Media Player Classic. Among the two media players derived from MPC project, which do you think stands out? Is it MPC-HC or MPC-BE?

Experts believed that MPC-BE is way better than MPC-HC mainly because it is an enhanced version of MPC-HC. It is said that this version comes with an improved and a lot of bug fixes that were found in its old version of MPC-HC. If you download MPC-BE, you are guaranteed that it supports different file formats such as the AVI format, the MKV, MP4, MPG, FLV, VOB, and the RM/RMVB. In terms of compatibility, this version works perfectly fine with Microsoft Windows platforms such as the Windows XP, the Windows 7 and Windows Vista. What’s good about this media player is it can open local files right on its main window. If you are into Internet streaming, fret not for MPC-BE download is capable of video and music streaming online. With its basic and common functions, it surely gives user a familiar feeling. Basic functions such as the use of play, stop, and pause. In addition, users can also do full screen mode, zoom, jump to, filters, mute the volume or increase and decrease it, and use the shader function.

What about MPC-HC? Well, users love the fact that this media player is capable of rendering video playback. When installing this program, it won’t require too much complicated tasks and steps. Unlike MPC-BE, this media player opens a window in a drop down option or format. This media player also supports different file formats and works great on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems like the Windows 7 and 8, the Windows Vista, and the Windows XP. Between these 2 media players, some prefer to use MPC-BE while others are already comfortable using the MPC-HC. Although it is undeniable that MPC-BE is more improved and comes with good amount of fixes, still there are users worldwide who thinks MPC-HC is way simpler and nicer to use.

If you haven’t downloaded any versions of these media players, we suggest downloading both and seeing whether they really have a big difference or none at all. Feature wise, MPC-BE has been fine tuned thus giving it an edge over MPC-HC. Experts claimed that this program can provide ease and comfort when playing videos and can even allow certain adjustments to provide an even enhanced user experience. However, if you’re looking for a media player that will give you not only an enhanced user experience but familiarity and control over everything, then it’s not a bad idea to download MPC-HC too.

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