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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is concise initiative of our site to provide quality protection to all our visitors. We see to it that we outlined every important information to match exactly the needs of all our users. It is also the proper venue to inform all our users about the site policies and conditions. Here in our site we ensure our users right to privacy. We emphasized it above all rules because we give highest attention to our user’s confidential rights. We consider every piece of personal data private and handle it as if it is our own personal identity.

Another is that it is only handled by duly authorized technical support in our site to avoid any disperse or revelation of private details from public viewing or illegal use of personal data. Although this information is trusted to us through optional means we see to it that we don’t take chances of any mishandling of information that may affect our user’s privacy. It is even protected by best encrypting program to make sure that no one can open it in any manner. Nonetheless, as mutual policy between the site and our visitor we also do not tolerate any abuse or illegal act in our site. Anyone guilty of any offense will be legally dealt instantly.

Privacy of personal data

We highly value privacy above all that’s why we have the best effort for safekeeping and handling all data that are optionally provided to us. It is only handled by the right person in our site at the same time it sealed with the powerful encrypting device free from public sharing and illegal unpacking of information.

Individual Choice

Any amount of personal information that we kept is through voluntary and personal choice of all our users. We strongly note that our site never demand or ask a piece of information through compulsory means. Although we recommend this personal information for very specific and important matters we never command our users to forcedly give their personal information to use. However, we are always grateful to secure all kinds of information in the highest security possible to ensure that there will be no amount of information that will be shared for public use.

Use of Data

Our site is very privilege to collect and handle all personal information that was voluntary given to us. We make sure that we use it for very important matters that will benefit all our users. We often use this information to contact our users in case we need to reach them for feedback, updates, newsletters and response to their concerns. Our highly authorized personnel ensure that it will only be viewed by the right person whether it is send as soft copy via email or hard copy through letters. It is also protected by best security tool to ensure its privacy. Again, no amount of data is use publicly and the usual information that we keep and use are limited to full name, telephone numbers, mobile numbers, email address, present address, permanent address, office address, age, date of birth and zip codes.

Disclosure Agreement

Disclosure agreement is a proper proof that our users has fully agreed and confirmed with all site’s policies and rules. Continue to use and enjoy any site features conclude its free affirmation of all the limitations and regulations set in our site.